Meet us at the 12th FKFS-Conference

Meet us at the 12th FKFS Conference !

ProLB will be present during the 12th FKFS-Conference ‘Progress in Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management’. It will take place from 1 – 2 October 2019.

As aerodynamics continues to make an increasing contribution to the performance and characteristics of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles and motorsport, automotive engineers require new processes, techniques and facilities to respond to the additional challenges.

The FKFS-Conference is an ideal location to get latest information about new car developments, new or improved testing techniques and new or improved calculation procedures. It is an ideal forum to meet leading experts from industry, universities and other institutions, to exchange ideas and discuss new ones. Furthermore, demonstrations will show the state of the art in measurement technology applied live in FKFS Wind Tunnels and Laboratories.

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Meet ProLB‘s engineers to learn more about how ProLB allows automotive manufacturers to optimize and shorten their product development cycles. ProLB is a CFD software solution developed by CS and based on the lattice Boltzmann method.