New software release: ProLB v2.6.2

ProLB v2.6.2

New software release

CS Group is pleased to announce the release of version 2.6.2 of its CFD software ProLB.

New features :

Improved computation time

Performance is always one of our priorities. That is why we emphasized our efforts on the reduction of the computation time. It has thus been decreased by 30% (on average) thanks to different optimizations and improvements of the code and algorithms.

Single and double precision

LBsolver can be used with single precision in order to reduce computation time (by 30% on average). But, since this approach cannot be used for all applications (e.g. aeroacoustics), double precision simulations are still possible.

New data recordings outputs

New variables can be recorded on volumes (e.g. Q-criterion) and surfaces (e.g. friction coefficient). RMS and squared parameters of all the variables are also available. Richer analysis are then possible without further post-processing.

Primary point

This parameter is used to ensure the symmetry planes of the fluid mesh. Primary point coincides with a fluid node of the coarsest resolution domain.

Thermal simulations (beta)

A new thermal model is available in order to modelize natural and forced convection. Do not hesitate to try it and to give us your feedback.

Solid boundary conditions on open geometries

Solid boundary conditions become easier to apply by being no longer limited to closed geometries. New ShellSide geometries allow the use of open surfaces which could be lighter and built faster.

Check project

A new option allows the user to spot the errors in a project file before launching a simulation. It makes the corrections easier and faster.

Extension of the use of absorbing regions

Absorbing regions can be applied on solid boundary conditions to avoid the reflection of waves by the wall boundaries.

New geometries formats handled

In addition to STL, NASTRAN and VTK, geometries can now be imported in Ensight Gold or XDMF formats.

Improved ergonomics

User experience is improved by the adding of new variables, the advanced parameters menu and revised functions.

How to download the new version ?

To download ProLB version 2.6.2, please connect to ProLB’s technical support center if you already are a user or contact us using the Contact Form.