Lattice Boltzmann method : combining performance with accuracy

ProLB is based on the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM). Highly scalable, inherently transient, this method revolutionizes Computational Fluid Dynamics by reducing computational time while at the same time increasing accuracy.

ProLB is optimized to predict unsteady flow phenomena with accuracy. Low dissipation and dispersion errors combined with state-of-the-art turbulence modeling approaches (Large Eddy Simulations), allow ProLB to perform high-fidelity aeroacoustic and aerodynamic simulations of weakly compressible flows.

The software suite includes LBPre for pre-processing and LBSolver for generating the volume mesh and processing. Results are exported in ParaView or Ensight Gold formats.

Case studies : some examples on how ProLB can help you

Reducing aircraft noise is and will continue to be a key driver for the aviation industry. Read more about the case study which describes how ProLB is used by major aviation manufacturers to accurately predict and analyze far-field landing gear noise.

Reducing vehicle interior noise is one of the main challenges automotive engineers face because acoustic comfort directly impacts sales and customer loyalty. Read more about the case study which shows how ProLB is used by major car manufacturers to minimize aerodynamically-generated noise sources.